How It Works

Face Off is a new, simple social networking app designed to create and discover challenges. Face Off lets people of all ages showcase their talent and creativity for the world to see and inspire. Playing challenges not only lets you showcase your talent but it also gives you an amazing chance to win astounding rewards points. Follow the easy steps given below to know its working and unlock the world of challenges. Select your expertise, find the challenge, read the terms, record your challenge video, and upload them. So why wait to play the challenge and get a stunning opportunity to show yourself to the world.

Find Challenge

Each day gives a great opportunity to try something new and push into areas that test your talent and creativity as well as broaden your boundaries. Select your expertise from the list of challenges and take a challenge that you think you can create a difference.


Playing challenges brings a sense of accomplishment and as well as rewarding at the same time. Face Off lets you polish your creative side. Login to your Face Off account and register for free.

Accept Terms

Challenges bring opportunities to learn and grow in a better way. So fight the limitations and surprise yourself. Read the challenge terms & record your challenge video for the world to see.

Play It

Playing challenges not only lets you showcase your talent and creativity to the world, but it also gives you an amazing opportunity to win reward points. It's time to play the challenge and win great rewards.

Go Beyond Limits!

With Face Off, you can show yourself to the world and display your talent and enjoy the thrill of winning rewards. Ready for a challenge? Download the app now and play it with confidence!

Get Rewarded

Face Off is a social networking app built to reward the winning players for their talent and creativity. With Face Off, play it more fulfilling and get a chance to win great rewards.