When a new day gives you a new opportunity to try something different and new in life, with Face Off you can widen your boundaries. By creating and playing unique challenges, you can push yourself into new areas and showcase your creativity for the world to see and to inspire. From sports to arts, the app lets people of all ages showcase unique talents and creative ideas. With Face Off, you can also win great reward points. Here are a few stunning features of this unique and amazing challenge app that unlocks a new way of interaction through creating and playing challenges.


Our focus has always been to bring wisdom to world thru successful celebrities, to lift spirits and joy to the world. We created Gyaan platform to share their successful journey and evolve to next level of growth.

Widen Your Boundaries

Show your skills to the world. From sports to arts, Face Off lets people of all ages try something new, widen their creative boundaries by creating and playing challenges.

Discover Challenges

Challenges bring opportunities to grow. With Face Off, you can discover unique and supercool challenges and connect with the creators of the challenges.

Showcase Your Talent

With Face Off express yourself creatively to the world. Face Off lets you show off your creative side to the world. Let the world see your unique talent and get inspired.

Challenge Zone

If you own a set of natural talents and it fuels you, then Face Off can be your ideal platform to showcase them and be challenged by talented people across the world.

Collect Rewards

Not just play a challenge, play it more fulfilling with Face Off. Find a challenge that matches your expertise from Face Off app, play it, and win exciting rewards.